How Much is Enough for Clawson Auto Owners? Tire Tread Depth

May 21, 2017

Most Clawson drivers know that tires wear out and that the wear has to do with tread depth. Most of us have heard that bald tires are dangerous, but most of us picture a tire with no tread at all when we think of a bald tire. And when we take our vehicles in for preventive maintenance, the techn... More

A New Battery in Clawson

May 16, 2017

Hello Clawson drivers, let's talk about batteries. Car batteries are just like any rechargeable battery. They will eventually wear out and die. If you are shopping for a new battery in Clawson, here's some auto advice to help you.There are two measurements to consider when purchasing a new batte... More

On Board Diagnostics for Clawson Motorists

May 8, 2017

Some Clawson vehicle owners wonder why Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson and other Clawson auto repair shops charge a fee for vehicle diagnostics. Receiving a diagnostic charge at Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson for a tricky automotive problem shouldn't be a surprise. In the Clawson area, automotive dia... More

Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson On Your Serpentine Belt

May 2, 2017

Today we're going to be talking about serpentine belts for our Clawson, Michigan, customers. Let's start by talking about the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt. First is the alternator. That's the device that makes electricity to power the vehicle and recharge the battery. Then... More