Growing Old Together (Maintaining an Older Vehicle)

April 26, 2020

More and more of us are hanging on to our vehicles longer. A company by the name of HIS Markit recently released a report that shows the average age of light vehicles in the U.S. is now 11.8 years. Light vehicles are cars, SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and CUVs (compact utility vehicles). In C... More

Clean Fuel ? Clean Performance for Clawson Drivers

April 19, 2020

Fuel filters clean the dirt, dust and debris out of your fuel. Both gasoline and diesel-powered engines have them. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the vehicle engine.Clawson auto owners don't need to filter their fuel because it has lots of grit in it; they ... More

No Yolk! Rotten Egg Smell (Sulfur Smell Causes)

April 12, 2020

The pungent smell of rotten eggs can send people running for the hills. So when that odor is inside your vehicle, yikes! Yolks! The good news is that a trained service technician can search the source of that smell and stanch the stench that comes from another words that begins with S. Sulfur... More

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheel Bearings

April 5, 2020

Why are wheel bearings for Clawson vehicles important? It's simple: your wheel bearings keep the wheels on your vehicle. In today's Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson post, we'll discuss more about wheel bearings and how you can make sure they can do their very job while you drive around Clawson, Michi... More