Automotive Tips from Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson: Tire Replacement Overview

January 27, 2019

Tires are an expensive purchase, so knowing when tires should be replaced is important for Clawson drivers. Tires will just wear out with normal use. The depth of the tread on your tire determines how well it will stop, start and steer especially in wet conditions. 4/32th of an inch (3.2 mm) of ... More

Questions to Ask Your Clawson Service Advisor

January 20, 2019

We find that a lot of Clawson drivers are a little tentative when they talk with their automotive advisors. They want to ask questions but don't want to be embarrassed or seem pushy. Vehicles are very complicated and there's more to know about them than most of us have the time to learn. Maybe it... More

Tracking True in Clawson: Wheel Alignment

January 13, 2019

At Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson, we occasionally see severe tire damage that could have been prevented with proper wheel alignment. During a Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson alignment service, your vehicle is put on an alignment rack where the tires, steering and suspension parts are inspected for p... More

Improve Fuel Economy with Proper Maintenance at Top Tech Auto Repair Clawson in Clawson

January 6, 2019

With Clawson gas prices being what they are, many of us in Michigan are driving less and looking into purchasing smaller or more efficient vehicles. Clawson area residents who have to drive a lot, have large families or need four-wheel drive are particularly hard hit by the cost of fuel in Michig... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Dirty Oil in Your Clawson Vehicle

January 1, 2019

If you're a quart low in your vehicle, there isn't enough motor oil to lubricate your engine properly. The extra friction causes drag that reduces fuel economy while you're driving around the Clawson area.The same goes for dirty oil; it doesn't reduce friction properly. The result is you get to w... More